Guest Contributions

This is a place for original work from guests (readers, visitors).  I don't know in what directions it may move, so the way it's arranged may change in the future in order to make finding things as easy as possible.  

The first contributions are drawings from Whiteling that some people have already seen in the Faculty thread, but here the smaller pictures link to full-size versions, for better appreciation and, of course, enhanced research opportunities.  (Some scrolling will probably be needed to see the entire full-size pictures.)

As it says in the guidelines below, all copyrights for these works remain with the artist or author.  They are offered here by their permission.

Art from Whiteling

There are also a link to an essay by Antane: Lessons in Life Taught by Hobbits (on her website; use your browser's back button to return here)

Guidelines for Contributions
(All those things that always have to be said)

This part of the site is open to artwork or writing (essays, commentaries, reviews) that fit either "side" of the website--or both.  Tolkien-related art/writing can be related to the movies, but it doesn't have to be.  Art/writing related to Elijah's acting (please respect that boundary) can be based on LotR--or any of his other films.  No fiction, please--simply because I don't want to get into the business of  "rating" it in order to keep this a site that everyone can be comfortable visiting.  I'm undecided about poetry, and at this time would handle it on a case-by-case basis.  

Please contact me before sending a contribution, so I know to expect it.  My email program tries very hard to protect me, and sometimes refuses things it shouldn't (especially attachments).  But if I know something is coming, I can snag it.  

Anything contributed should fit a rating of G, PG or--at most--a mild PG13. All final decisions about what's published and what isn't are mine.  If I feel something needs editing before it's published, I'll contact the contributor, in order to allow him or her to choose whether to edit the work or withdraw it.

Contributors retain all copyright and other legal protections concerning their works that appear here, and are free to publish them elsewhere and/or to have them removed from this website upon request.  

Any other questions or suggestions, or to contact me about a contribution, please email me, or PM me at the site forum.