35 Elijah Wood Movies
(Completely Subjective and Nonprofessional Short Reviews)

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(I still haven't had a chance to see The Oxford Murders)

In theaters now: 9

Now on DVD:

Day Zero

Day Zero: DVD

Paris je t'aime

I can't figure out what the difference is between these 2 CD's.
Paris je t'aime: DVD (Region 1: U.S. & Canada)
Paris je t'aime: Two-disk limited collector's edition DVD
Paris je t'aime soundtrack: CD
Paris je t'aime: DVD (Region 2: Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle-East)
Paris je t'aime: DVD (Latin American version, Spanish subtitles)
Paris je t'aime soundtrack: CD

Bobby: Widescreen DVD
Bobby: Full-screen DVD

If you want, you can skip all the awards and go right to the list of movies or to news on what's coming soon.
Honors received by the kid from Cedar Rapids Marion, Iowa, for the most important role in the history of movies acting:
Best Actor: 2001 Empire Awards
Lead actor in Best Film: 2001 American Film Institute Awards
Nominee, best male performance: 2002 MTV Movie Awards (for FotR)
Best on-screen team (with Sean Astin & Andy Serkis): 2003 MTV Movie Awards (for TTT)
Best Ensemble Acting (cast of RotK): 2003 National Board of Review Awards
Best Ensemble Acting (cast of RotK): 2003 Screen Actors Guild Awards
Lead actor in Best Movie, Drama: 2003 Golden Globe Awards
Lead actor in Best Picture: 2003 Academy Awards
Best Actor:  2003 Saturn Awards
...and for a different role:
Lead actor in Best Animated Picture: 2006 Academy Awards

It's gotten too difficult to rank all of Elijah's movies in relation to each other, as I did when I started this "page" back in early 2001. So I've adopted the tried and true "five star" method, with a bit of a difference; since there's only one movie on this list I would actually call bad, and hopefully there won't be (m)any more, that one gets zero stars instead of one.  So, besides that one, we've got:

***** A must-see, even for non-EJW fans
****   High-caliber film, but not quite a *****
***    Average quality for an EJW movie (still very good)
**      Kind of disappointing, but worth watching
*        If you haven't seen it, you're not missing much

I thought about using the five star method for "EJW content" in each movie, also, but it's too variable: if a movie gets two stars, does that mean his acting's sub-par or that he's not onscreen much?  So, instead, there's a brief statement about that for each movie.  

And these comments are just as unscientific and nonprofessional - and as open to reassessment - as always.  
Clicking on the name of a movie will take you to its page:

All I Want
Ash Wednesday
Black and White
The Bumblebee Flies Anyway
Chain of Fools
Child in the Night
Day Zero
Deep Impact
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Everything Is Illuminated
The Faculty
Forever Young
The Good Son
Green Street Hooligans
Happy Feet
The Adventures of Huck Finn
The Ice Storm
The Lord of the Rings/Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of The Rings/The Two Towers
The Lord of the Rings/The Return of the King
Oliver Twist
Paris je t'aime
Radio Flyer
Sin City
Spy Kids 3D
The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina
Try Seventeen
The War
The Witness



Watch for Elijah as a producer of The Home, a horror movie set in a nursing home.

There's some uncertainty about just what's happening with The Passenger, in which Elijah is supposed to play Iggy Popp in a bio movie that covers the early part of the singer's career. Elijah and Iggy have both talked about it in interviews.

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