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The One Expression
The first version of this website was begun soon after Elijah was cast as Frodo, primarily for the education of those Tolkien readers who didn't think he was the right choice for the part.  The majority of Tolkien readers (wise, intelligent people that they are) soon realized that Frodo Baggins + Elijah Wood = a match made in heaven (literally, in my way of thinking--thanks, Professor).
However, even after seeing all three LotR movies, there are some people--a number of them  "professional film critics"--who still state the opinion that Frolijah has one, or at most two, facial expressions.  Since these people obviously have a difficult time recognizing changes in expression of emotion while watching moving images, we have prepared this educational aid in which they can look at stills of a selection of versions of "The One Expression."  Those who don't have any limitations in this area are also welcome to view the examples as well as share them with expression-challenged acquaintances.  In order to be fair to the reviewers who are paid to watch movies only in the theater, these are all from the theatrical releases.  

Clicking on any small picture will take you to a page with the full screencap of that frame.  

The pics on this page are displayed more-or-less randomly*, but the full screencaps can be viewed in chronological movie order by following the arrows at the top of each page (begin by clicking on "The Money Shot" in the center of the top row).   The up arrow on each of the full screencap pages will bring you back to the top of this page.  Using your browser's back button should return you to the last image you were viewing (large or small).  

Anyone familiar with Frolijah will realize that this represents only a tiny sample of the variations found in The One Expression, but, well, you have to stop sometime...

*i.e., painstakingly arranged to emphasize the variations














Of course, if you want to be froward, you can start by clicking on "The [IMHO anything-but-innocent] Nod" in the center of the bottom row, and follow the arrows backwards.  

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